Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting the Central Station
ASG’s Central Station, NMC, is located in Aliso Viejo, California with a redundant back-up location in Dallas Texas. They can be reached by calling 1-888-264-3149
Reporting a False Alarm
To report a false alarm please call our central station immediately by calling 1-888-264-3149.
Updating Alarm Account Information
To update your account information please contact us here . You may also update your account information by filling out our contacts form available for download by clicking here. Please fill out the form and fax to our office at 661-296-8029.
Changing your Alarm Codes
Alarm codes can by added or deleted through the use of the keypad. The instructions are in your system manual. If you need a system manual you may download it here. You may also call our office at 661-255-1509 from 8am to 5pm M-F and we will be able to help you over the phone.
Placing your system on test
To place your system on and off test you may contact our Central Station by calling 1-888-264-3149. For your security the Central Station will need your passcode that is associated with your account. They will also need to know how long you want the system on test. Please note that while your system is on test your system will continue to function exactly the same however operator action is halted during the time your account is on test.
Obtaining System Test Results
For a customized report of the test results please send request using our contact form and indicate the time period you need covered.
Vacation Information
Always keep up to date contact information especially if you are traveling to areas where you cannot be reached by phone. It is a good idea to have at least one contact who can access your home or business while you are away in case the need arises.
System Communication Failure Message
If your system displays a COM Fail Message or CF error message this is most likely caused by a phone line outage. Please check the telephone line that is connected to your system for dial tone. Please call your phone company to repair if there is a lack of dial tone. If you no longer wish to have a land line phone we offer other forms of communicating the signals to our central station via Cellular and Network transmission. Please call our office for more information.
Low Battery
If your system display a low battery message please call ASG at 661-255-1509 to schedule a service call.